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Sometimes, almost without reason, we're overcome by "the feels." California-based musician Joe Kaplow channeled that momentary overwhelming of memories, connections, love, sadness, and more into his latest single, "How Old Is My Soul".

A groove-based, indie folk ride down memory lane and up the road to tomorrow, "How Old Is My Soul" balances Joe's current situation with his reflections on life and love. With a dreamy, acoustic guitar opening and uptempo drumbeats, the sonic stage is set for his quiet, contemplative vocals.

But it's not all sunshine. Sadness, fear, and pain filter in, adding complexity to rose-tinted history. "I was feeling the weight of change, feeling all those little aches and pains." That doesn't mean these emotions are negative. It's just the feelings of "when something ends and something begins."

As the song heads to the end, a guitar solo takes over the melody, speaking on Joe's behalf. It's wonderfully complex with triplets and accented off-beats.

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Just like life, things aren't neat, but they can be beautiful. With a final rubato outro on acoustic guitar, he leaves with a hint of wonder and positivity in the fading notes.

Stream "How Old Is My Soul" below.

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