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Feeling emotions and being overwhelmed by them is normal. It's what makes us human, after all. Happiness, love, sadness, and pain; we're capable of all of those, but we still manage to forge through and live on. In moments where we feel like we aren't ourselves, it's music that can sometimes save us.

Jenny Kern's latest single "Feel It Again" is about letting go of your emotions and letting your body surrender and be in sync with the beat. It's a song full of groovy basslines and the ever-delightful sounds of a synth keyboard in the background. One that speaks of highs and lows yet doesn't have any second where it goes down; only peaks upon peaks.

Being driven and held in a chokehold by your emotions constantly is a claustrophobic feeling that Kern wants to address to listeners, and does it well with her simple but meaningful lyrics with smooth, graceful vocals that are nothing short of poignant.

From its first few seconds up until its last, it captures you in its sound, taking you on a trip that will leave you dancing and wanting for more. The song gives you validation, that what you are feeling is completely natural and that you just need to let it all out.

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Don't ignore your emotions; embrace your identity and what's in your heart because that's who you truly are. After everything is said and done, you just have to "feel it again."

Stream the song below.

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