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Let's face it, we sometimes sell ourselves way too short when it comes to relationships. We think that what we have is the best we're going to get; that it's perfect the way it is. And when it's over, you finally realize that it was far from perfect, far from what you need in your life.

"Come Away", Jane Symmes's latest single, is about the love that completely raises your standards, making you feel as if you won't accept anything other than that. It tears down all of your expectations and your fears, replacing them with healthier emotions that you never knew you needed.

Although mostly acoustic, the song is intense, showing how strong this feeling really is. There isn't a single dull moment for its entire duration, especially with Symmes's empowering vocals.

The artist's singing is smooth but powerful, driven by what she felt while creating this masterpiece. Each line truly came from the heart with no corners cut, with her raw emotion being the pièce de résistance that the song needs to be complete.

Listening to this track, you can't help but yearn to always be with the person who saved you from relationships that didn't make you feel your worth; you can't help but yearn to experience that kind of love every day, the kind of love that makes you feel truly special.

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Stream "Come Away" by Jane Symmes below.

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