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James Wyatt Crosby - Shadow of a Ghost

Loss can change us. It can change our whole world. As James Wyatt Crosby says in his latest single, "Shadow of a Ghost", "when you lose what matters most, you become a shadow of a ghost."

The summery, sweet synth chords washing under his vocals belie the heart-wrenching reality of the lyrics. The solemn and introspective verses expound on his grief and pain.

Even the music video, a montage of double exposures matching nature scenes with home footage and live shots of James Wyatt Crosby performing, dances between sadness and comfort. The animated bass that propels the song forward helps navigate this delicate line.

With nearly euphoric vocal harmonies, the world-altering lines like, "guess I'll never find a reason why" and "can you feel me shaking?" edge off the harshest sonic interpretation. There's an emptiness here that refuses to lean all the way into either dimension. And that's the most gutting feeling of all.

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Instead of telling us how he feels, James Wyatt Crosby has distilled that emotion into simple lo-fi drums, a few guitar lines, and powerful, heartfelt lyrics that resonate emotion.

Watch "Shadow of a Ghost" below.

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