James Holt - Make My Day

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Laying in a hospital bed, watching the white ward sterilely glisten can leave even the most resolute person feeling empty. But with a surprise visitor, all that fades into joy and happiness. “What a fine way to make my day,” James Holt muses in his latest single, “Make My Day”.

With smart and sometimes surprising vocal melody jumps, the delight seamlessly pours from James’ lyrics. Bright, rhythmic guitar strums and a dancing harpsichord effortlessly float the music forward. Even the bouncing bassline feels like it’s grabbed your hand is tugging your along.

Just like a visit, the song is relatively short—only about two and a half minutes. But as James says, “It says so much in so few words.” Each note holds the summery tones of optimism and hope. You can feel just how overwhelmed he is by the heartwarming kindness of his surprise visitor.

His Beatlesque harmonic choices and arresting voice hold you throughout the entire song. With briskness, the music quickly ramps up. The energy doesn’t dip until the final bars, beautifully mirroring the surge in energy his visitor has imparted.

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Stream “Make My Day” below.


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