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Losing someone can leave you feeling cold inside, especially someone as close to you as your father. Jake Whiskin opens up about the loss, hope, and feeling the passage of time after losing his dad in "Cold Morning", the first single from his debut album.

Opening with stark piano chords and almost absent percussion, a void engulfs the listener. As Jake begins singing about the cold morning, we're left with that hole he's feeling. The tender vocals carry that weight, like someone staying strong when they want nothing more than to break down.

"We wait for the summer, but we brace for the rain," he eulogizes, almost like a panegyric prism of yesterday's beauty and today's lament. There's a crushing beauty behind every line that everyone who's lost someone can relate to.

Jake Whiskin embraces that mutual pain. As he repeats the words "cold morning" in each verse, he paints a personal anecdote or reflection with universality to it. And as the track ends, it ends abruptly, like a needle lifting from an old record. It's like the song is there to help us remember and heal just as much as it is for Jake. So, if you're missing someone who's gone, have a listen.

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Watch "Cold Morning" below.

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