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Wake up, walk 3 feet, boot up your laptop, work, walk 3 feet, fall into bed, sleep. Rinse and repeat.

The last two years have mired us in monotony. Jack Broza's first single from the upcoming EP Double Back explores the disappointment in the moments we thought might break that stasis. "Farther Than You Sound" takes a textured background, distorts it, and elevates it into an absorbing story.

"In the nick of time, the rain was a surpriseโ€”just when it couldn't get more dry. But a drop won't tide you over." The tone and delivery of that opening line weigh heavy. As it floats over the repetitive guitar picking, you feel just as stuck as Jack Broza.

But something unexpected happensโ€”a pitch bends lower, a crackling peaks through the sonic fabric, and other distortions begin to twist and turn the harmony. On one hand, it's a beautiful break from the repetitions; on the other, it doesn't feel like enough. And that's a delicate art to balance to get his point across.

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"I am sick of holding out for a tipping point," he sings. Visceral and honest, we sit in that same feeling with him.

Stream "Farther Than You Sound" below.

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