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As winter clutches New England again, Izzy Heltai explores the pandemic-intensified version. The loneliness of isolation, the apathy born from unexpected monotony, and how even major life changes lose their sparkle flit through the notes of "Day Plan".

This wonderfully melancholic wash of sound comes from Izzy Heltai's vocals and guitar, Garrett Salazar's drums, Andy Cass' bass, and Micah Katz-Zeiger's eclectic collection of musical talents that fill every other instrument the band wants to include. Together, they bring the narrative of someone moving into a one-bedroom apartment during the pandemic into gut-wrenching reality.

"Deep down I don't trust myself"; "I don't like myself much these days"; and "my anxiety won't let me sleep," Izzy admits. Myriad confessions dot the verses as a start-and-stop chorus mirrors the unexpected monotony imposed by socially distancing. As the narrator comes to terms with this shift in reality, the music does too.

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Finally, the reluctant dismissal comes. "Go on. Get going with your day plan." The listener is sent away, feeling slightly better, but still left dealing with the same aftermath as the rest of the world.

Stream "Day Plan" below.

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