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innerspace - Badlands

From the foreboding, atmospheric opening to the quiet closing note, innerspace trek across the planet to show humanity’s destruction of the natural world in “Badlands”.

“Sprawling desert/ fast and strong/ none can measure/ or count the stars/ It’s inconceivable,” they shout. The vastness and power of their lyrics and metaphors wind together with their double exposure music video. The nature-based imagery glitching themselves from scene to scene eerily mirrors a toxic dependence on machines. The physical and psychological toll they have on us and on the planet is embedded in every beat.

But while the heavily filtered vocals and repeated arpeggiations seek to distance the narrative from humanity, everything is addressed to his “desert rose.” The cognitive dissonance resonates with the message of our disconnection from our own planet.

“You may be lost, but you are not alone,” they comfort the desert rose as the Milky Way covers their bodies. Arguably a standout track from their concept album Echoes, “Badlands” takes the previous galactic scope of their music and brings it back to Earth. From stars to desert roses, hear their righteous anger.

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Watch “Badlands” below.

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