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Indoor Creature - Get Away

The bright and almost bubbly "Get Away" from Indoor Creature easily lifts moods and can make you smile. But the heart of this song is much more complex.

Yes, the core message of encouraging you to go on in the face of unimaginable obstacles is upbeat and syncs perfectly with the effusive, atmospheric tone they've set. But, they don't sugarcoat those "obstacles."

"History repeats tomorrow's pain," echoes through the chorus' conclusion. The bright facade of cascading guitars and laid-back piano pops paint a bubbly escape from life's troublesome questions and despairs. It's a reprieve to gather strength to keep going.

Indoor Creature's smooth vocals and sparkling musical accents keep the message positive but grounded in reality. The dynamic of deep lyrics with pop sensibilities floats lightly over their heavy reverb, filled with echoing vocal leads, sustained block chords, and angelic choral "ahs." The timbre and tone set up an electric guitar solo filled with fun and optimism.

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So, when they languidly (and a bit coyly) invite listeners into their respite with "when I want to get away," we're ready to follow. Sometimes the facade is what we need.

Stream "Get Away" below.

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