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Illunis - 101

Lean back and enjoy the traffic with Illunis’ latest single, “101”. As they describe the bliss of LA traffic, they mean no sarcasm. Whether it’s because they “forgot my medication” or it’s just the general mood of this lazy Sunday vibe, they “feel fine.”

The fun balance between “hazy happiness” and the understanding that they might be a little crazy for feeling that way makes this song infinitely repeatable. Sean Clark, Ali Faghihi, Barak Levi, David Frankel, and Spencer Hutton bring an energy to the laid-back groove.

The verse’s melody bounces back and forth between two notes, a wobbling, forward-moving tune. The whistle that starts the piece mirrors the lick throughout the piece, making you want to whistle along. “The world’s in technicolor—I feel fine.”

By the time the guitar solo, riffing on the verse’s melody, the narrative is reaching a climax. The lyrics still speak to a relaxed state, but the music has ratcheted up the energy. And the final twist, the hilarious ending, comes out of left field—surprising, but a perfect ending.

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“101” is the ninth track off of Technicolor, an album that’s currently being unfolded by the band one song at a time.

Stream “101” below.

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