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Highline return with their latest single, "Chasing Heaven", from their soon-to-be-released sophomore EP, Off Track (out May 13). Filled with brutal honesty and painful self-realization, the band tells of a sorry sap who's "chasing heaven in two very different ways at the same time," as lead guitarist Rhys Hope puts it.

The high and the fall from the same alluring attraction: the hazardous voices we willingly let convince us. "Chasing heaven, chasing you, and I'm worn out," they wearily reveal. But the chase continues.

With just enough grunge to reflect the gritty truth, the guitar keeps interjecting over Sam Rigney's vocal lines. Almost like a friend forming counterarguments, the call and response pulls the outside perspective into the mix, but with little head paid to the pleading. Realizations only come the hard way. "I'm always tired now."

The honest lyrics and charismatic sound propel this song. Grounding basslines from James Priest tie the guitar riffs to the vocals. Driving percussion from drummer Jim Osborne steadies the progression.

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And together, the quartet creates the bold timbre that elevates this insight into compelling music.

Stream "Chasing Heaven" below.

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