Henry Chadwick - Mind's Eye

“I don’t think I’m who I think I am when I’m in it,” Henry Chadwick reflects in the chorus of his latest single, “Mind’s Eye”. The jangly, psychedelic vibes bouncing under this series of “I statements” take you on a self-reflective journey.

From harsh truths, like “I keep my walls up and keep it to myself,” to borderline optimistic statements, like “I’m self-aware; I self-reflect,” Henry Chadwick runs the gamut of emotions within simple, but clever lyrics.

And while the catchy chorus bounces along, the verses play with a harmonic texture that reflects the nuanced balance of each lyric. With breathing space between the airy chords, there’s room for the existential exposition. Tonally, it sets up the darker bridge—a tumult of the mind.

As the music winds to the outro, it strikes a familiar chord. The lyrics start to repeat the opening line, “wait a minute.” It’s uncertainty; it’s a command; it’s an awareness. It’s a perfect wrap on this mental trip, leaving you with just the hint of answers.

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As the final single to Henry Chadwick’s second album, We All Start Again, get a sneak peek before the album drops on October 29, 2021.

Stream “Mind’s Eye” below.

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