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Harri Georgio - Dreaming

Harri Georgio is a "Twenty-First Century man with a plan," he claims in his latest single, "Dreaming". Backed by his band, The Well-Behaved Young Men, Harri explores what it means to figure life out, including the downsides.

"Every step is pulling me down," he cries. But behind that pessimistic line lies an optimistic melody and buoyant harmony. Even as he repeats the word "down," there's something uplifting.

The catchy hooks and crisp consonants swinging through every bar of "Dreaming" pull you along and energize you. One part narrative, one part naΓ―ve hope, Harri's relatable lyrics get stuck in your ear. "I was spending all day with my head in the clouds. Am I dreaming?" he asks. It's more like the liminal hypnogogic state between sleep and waking. We get to watch the cusp.

In the music video, Harri's pink shirt pulls your attention against the sea of green grass. The park offers a juxtaposition of busy youths and wide verdant fields filled with potential. Both scenes beg the question, "what's next?" Even as it ends, the camera flies up, heading straight for the clouds. Maybe we haven't left yet. Maybe we shouldn't leave altogether. Maybe you should watch "Dreaming" and decide for yourself.

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Watch "Dreaming" below or stream the single on Spotify.

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