Eccentric anonymous producer HARKNESS has recently dropped his debut single. The hypnotic indie pop tune called “I.D.”, released just last month, is both catchy and endearing as it blends a bright sonic presence with lyrics of introspection.

The song by the multi-instrumentalist explores the concept of identity and the petty desires that define worldly ambitions. Poetic lyrics describe the drear of modern life until the chorus simply suggests to “[t]ake a drive through the countryside.”

Sonically, HARKNESS’ track is comparatively stripped-back from his typically bombastic and widely colorful musical style, which is fitting, considering it’s subject matter of stripping back the facade layers of one’s personality.

“I.D.” features a relaxed, sunny texture, complete with a groovy bassline and occasional hand drums. The surf rock vibe is complemented by some immaculate three-part vocal harmonies, reminiscent of The Beach Boys, while embracing the classic tropes of the playful-sounding genre.

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The song’s greatest strength, however, is HARKNESS’ unique, oddball musical presence. The colorful instrumentation and catchy hooks make for a unique introduction to one of the latest voices in indie rock.

Now watch the outlandish official music video below.

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