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Gumiho - Hey! You!

Beautifully brash from the opening bar, the third track on the self-titled EP by Gumiho 구미호 launches headfirst into a gloriously banging rebellion. In the band's own words, they were road-weary when they recorded this, but the perfectly in-sync punches and grungy harmonies speak to a band tightly knit from surviving and touring across their native Korea all during the pandemic. It bred a level of trust in their bandmates far beyond what their years would normally offer.

Caspin, the lead singer, takes every emotion to 11, especially in the chorus that just begs you to shout along. "Hey! You! Hey! No one said that, motherf*cker." With heart-thumping kick drums and high-energy basslines from Matt and Stephen, each moment seamlessly bashes into the next. When Yujin breaks into a guitar solo, shredding the melody, it smoothly progresses the song to pure headbanging joy.

By the two-minute mark, the energy is sky-high, but Gumiho surprise with a soft moment. It catches you for just a moment before slamming you back down with the same energy as before. And that carries right to the end. Hey! You! Press play now.

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Stream the number below. The whole EP is now available on Bandcamp.

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