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Sometimes life throws us an inflection point, what we do in that moment will change everything. And even if the past was unhappy, we miss the simpler time. Grimson reflects on that in his latest single, "I Was a Moth".

Grimson originally penned this highly metaphorical and lyrically abstract song in his teenage years. But, with the wisdom of time and experience, he's elevated it into a six-string arrangement. In parallel with the theme, it's safe to assume the original was simpler, yet the current version comes after his more professional inflection point.

The dreamy arpeggios and gentle animation evoke that simpler time. The nostalgia peaks through, especially once the lyrics enter. Opening with "I was a moth eating through fabrics, crawling through attics, drifting through traffic," Grimson sets up this depressive yet desirous view of the past.

And as the twisting lyrical visuals conclude, we're left with each of the strings giving its view of the past. The drawn-out outro feels almost more reflective. And, almost as if hope for a better tomorrow peaks through, bird song breaks into the mix. With the final chord and chirp, we're left with another inflection pointβ€”the continue reflecting or to move on.

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Watch "I Was a Moth" below.

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