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Good Days - Wonderful

No matter how dark the world gets, it pays to remember the greatest gift we have is ourselves. Turn inward and see how wonderful you are Good Days asks of us in their latest single, "Wonderful".

The pure fun and joy resound from the opening notes. Like the songs from the '60s and '70s that radiate happiness, "Wonderful" builds in some of those same elements: bright harmony, warm vocals, and an energetic drumline. From the brief instrumental intro to the tambourine sparkle at the end, every part of this song is geared to make you smile.

"Put down what you may know and hold on for a world of fun," the chorus commands. As a climbing scale of "oohs" bolsters the energy, the line concludes, "It's no lie, you're a lucky one."

And "luck" is the right word. The song doesn't shy away from the pain. "You've been lost. You've been hurt. You've been left with your face in the dirt." This is what turns this from wishful thinking into a true, heartfelt reminder that life is more precious than ever.

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Stream "Wonderful" below.

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