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"Eye" is a new offering from singer-songwriter and producer GOLDEN aka Bailey Cooke. The LA-born artist has been releasing a handful of singles and EPs over the past year. Now based in Brooklyn, New York, she's currently gearing up for her debut album slated for April 2021.

Naming Elliott Smith, Dr. Dre, and Brian Wilson as among her top personal heroes, Cooke started playing piano at the age of four and has since embraced the excitement and joy of creating music by herself.

"Eye" is second of three tracks on the newest concept record that the self-produced dropped a while back. The track starts off with a cacophony of synth worlds converging together to stitch the backdrop that holds the introductory vocal lyric "like I'm living somebody else's life."

Cooke on this number rhymes of appearances and the forced choice between honesty and cordiality. Putting on full display her penchant for sonic experimentation, the elements employed in the mix were made sure to not overcrowdβ€”capturing a lightweight, flowing sense of chamber pop.

The song speaks of the urge or inclination towards appealing to the masses and conforming to an image of what we think others want of us to be successful in music or society. But to give in to the facade is to live a lie. With that lie comes karmic resolution, a fate GOLDEN rebels against through the effort.

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For Bailey, "Eye" showcases an orchestral instrumentation to revisit the era of tropical lounge and classic pop Γ  la Martin Denny, The Beach Boys, and The Supremes.

Stream "Eye" along with two other tracks included in the release below.

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