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A toss of satire and existential void, girlhouse delivers something for many music nerds within the DIY ethos to admire. There is a dark humor that lingers in Lauren Luiz‘s music and artistic vision.

This relatively new LA-based project paints a grim and relatable tale of “the fatalist”, the thinker whose mind can get stuck in a predetermination of our fate. “Over the line and coming back again/ We’re all gonna die, funny isn’t it?/ Making a good time sad and laughing like I’m proud of it,” hums Luiz on each chorus.

Although feeling trapped, the writer is self-aware of the habits formed in this line of thinking: “started playing the fatalist and now I can’t snap out of it.”

The outfit showcases a goofy, ironic, homemade film of Lauren managing life in a onesie whale suit, perhaps hinting at the formidable destruction of the world’s ocean terrain and wildlife. There certainly is something to be said about a looming universal thread in music and art coming especially from younger artists like girlhouse that insinuate existential dread.

That—on top of the shitty pandemic and the presence of sudo-fascist government regimes—makes girlhouse’s lyrics a lot sensical. “Lately, times have been showing up hazy/ Empathy makes me crazy/ The crazy’s creeping in.”

Ultimately, girlhouse is perhaps doing the very thing most creators are made to do; siphoning the emotional presence of our time and making sense of it.

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Watch the official music video for “the fatalist” below.


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