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Have you ever felt like you're not reaching the goals you set for yourself? That maybe your pessimistic thoughts of "this won't work out" was true all along? And you're left there wondering how you can go on and attain those goals, when you're already throwing everything you have at it. Well, the truth is: You shouldn't always be giving a hundred-and-fifteen percent on every single action. Take a step back, reflect, and slow down. You never know, that just might be what you need.

George Dewhurst has also felt this before, the feeling of wanting to get to the end rather than taking time and appreciating the journey ahead. But eventually, he realized the truth, and that's when his latest single "Little by Little" was born.

Drawing mainly from the artist's experiences during his youth, the song tells you to do it one step at a time. If life isn't rushing you, then don't rush life. And that's exactly the vibe that the lyrics give you: "remind yourself to take one step at a time." Nothing more, nothing less. And to be quite frank, that's the beauty of the song.

It isn't complex, but it does truly have layers upon layers, especially with its instrumental. Starting off acoustically with just strings, the song almost feels like it's evolving with every passing second. It eases you in then ensnares you in its warmth and overall hominess. And that is exactly what a person needs to be reminded that it's alright to take things "Little by Little".

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Stream the song below.

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