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Thursday, July 18, 2024

"Wasted Days" by Geiz is one of the catchiest and most inventive dance pop tunes of the year.

Hailing from New York City, this electronica act has been churning out singles left and right since the summer of 2019. Their sound is concentrated and matured, giving off a level of professionalism that often escapes most of the small indie acts trying to make it big in the pop scene.

Geiz, however, are already stamping themselves in the world of dance pop as a band to look out for. Their latest single, "Wasted Days", further establishes the group as a talented band that fully understands what makes a good indietronica song good.

The track kicks off with a heavily reverbed vocal, reminiscent of King Krule, against a sparkling backdrop of ascending arpeggiated synths leads. Groovy guitars and a chill, dampened drumbeat only add to the high energy, eventually reaching a dynamic climax before tapering off with a sober denouement.

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In short, Geiz have created a not-easily-forgotten indie pop track that is simply perfect for the dance floor.

Stream "Wasted Days" below.

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