Gabrielle Sey - Pantano

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Sometimes our pictures of the past are too perfect. We gloss over the inconvenient details that don’t align with our narrative. Gabrielle Sey settles into that story with “Pantano”, a deep look at that empty nostalgia through the lens of her own history.

Pantano means reservoir in Spanish. And somewhere in Spain, Gabrielle Sey visited a pantano,and this tale unfolded. Her warm, sometimes sultry voice carries the emotional toll of the story while the spicy harmony shifts with the power of the pent-up water.

But power isn’t just in the place. “Pantano” builds expansive choral chords into bar after bar. The harmony stretches and contracts into an almost bossa nova sound.

As the power grows, the reflective nature of memory pushes forward. With lo-fi vibes, there’s a crackle behind the perfection. That tainted beauty weaves into the lyrics as Gabrielle states she was “oblivious to it all.”

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The dry drums, washes of guitar, and captivating lyrics make this a dynamic display of Gabrielle’s command of musical nuance in her new EP, Vapour.

Stream “Pantano” below.


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