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Freddy Hall - Something Good

Freddy Hall is tired of being lonely. And with an upbeat, funky tune, he's here to turn that gloomy feeling into an anthemic, danceable song perfect for what is (hopefully) the end of the pandemic.

As the melody begins, the background noise of a crowded bar floats under the horn and drums. With a quiet, intimate vocal line, the joy already creeps in. As the vocals and instruments pass quick 16th note rhythmic patterns, the drums pick up a bit and claps peek in on the offbeat.

"I don't need much, just something good," he virtually croons. "I've been on my own for way too long," the chorus continues. Buoyant horns and a tasteful sprinkle of keys perk up even the hyper-honest lyrics.

While "Something Good" might be Freddy Hall's first single from his upcoming album, he's no newcomer. He's played for numerous Tony Award-winning Broadway shows. And the horn section is arranged by his friend and Broadway Director, Cian McCarthy.

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Beyond Broadway, the song draws heavily on a '70s Soul influence. Swelling chords and backing vocals might be the obvious tropes, but even the main melody reflects his varied musical career.

Happily get lonely with Freddy Hall and his "Something Good".

Watch the lyric video below.

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