Wednesday, September 27, 2023
FLASCH - better now

“I miss the old days, back when it was easy,” FLASCH opens their first single, “better now”. In their own words, this “glow up anthem for the gays and the theys” is a “f*ck you” to the haters and an empowering message to reach for your dreams.

The courage to live your truth doesn’t come easy. But support matters—a sentiment echoed in “better now” as FLASCH layers vocals over the positive messages. “You’re better now,” they chant, a singular group affirmation.

The light and bouncy harmony offers a bright hope, bolstering the positive moments and virtually abandoning the negative, almost like an audio nod to the limited support detractors actually have. It may not feel like it, just like how those moments feel starkly emphasized, but in reflection, the head-bopping moments come when everyone jams together.

An ascending arpeggio peaks through from time to time, further promising a better future, almost like a directive to going and never look back. It’s a subtle statement: keep living your truth, and just by being, inspire others to rise to the same.

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Stream “better now” below.

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