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Filipino rock band Fifteen Minutes Later was recently hailed the May 2020 UNXIGNED Artist of the Month. Having won the popular vote among the 12 indie nominees in the week-long Facebook poll, the Dumaguete independent supergroup deserved the coveted title without doubt.

Today we review the song "Dim Light"β€”the last single they released just days before their bassist Oswald Singson's untimely passing.

"Dim Light" is a Christian alternative rock masterpiece with a post-grunge touch. Not only is it inspiring and uplifting, it also ignites spiritual revival.

Fifteen Minutes Later's vibe-conditioning full band prologue sounds invitingly catchy. The thick, punchy kick, the well-panned overdriven guitars, and the neatly trimmed low end all make the intro rad.

It seems that Joannes Jumadla, the band's lead songwriter, has employed a fixed pattern on his lyrics approach for this particular track. His intent is precise: "Dim Light" is addressed to someone he is very devoted to and whom he seeks. Thus, no wonder the verses are apostrophic in character. But, who is being spoken to?

"Dark is the night but/ darker still is the world without your light," he sings in the refrain as the instruments intensify to cater the chorus.

L–R: Mark Ruiz, Kerwin Elman, Joannes Jumadla, Oswald Singson†

"Let your dim light shine on me/ to light and guide my way."

That part made the message clear. FML's attempt to incorporate their Christian values has totally surfaced at this point. Jumadla's simple yet carefully structured lines speak for anyone who is holding on to faith.

In the second chorus he adds, "Without you I am lost/ Without you I am down/ Let your dim light shine," as lead guitarist Mark Ruiz proceeds with his solo.

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"Though your dim light shine on me from far away/ It gives me hope and strength to say that I'm okay."

"Dim Light" is a song about bouncing back from losing hope by reviving faith in the Almighty. It tells listeners to reach out to God and seek His Word for enlightenment and answers. The members of Fifteen Minutes Later themselves experienced this declaration firsthand when their bandmate Oswald tragically died a week after "Dim Light" came out. The three remaining members managed to stay firm and strong in the face of grief. And despite Oswald's sudden demise, it's still a blessing that he was able to leave behind such an inspiring piece.

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