Evinair - Idle Hands

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“Idle Hands”, the latest single from Evinair, charts a path through the hazy recollection of a drunken text. Will Livingston, Keegan Castor, Josh Kern, and John Anderson pull the fast flood of thoughts into the intimate space of a memory to deliver an uplifting tone in a dark timbre.

With bell-like chords ringing out into the space, they rhetorically ask, “What’s in my hands?” of the phone. “Senseless noise that I can’t understand.” The duration of each note varied enough to mimic slurred speech. It’s half-remembered and half happening right now.

“I’m reaching out to hear your voice.” With a motive established, the rest of the lyrics feel grounded in the blurring harmonies, awash with rumbling bass to balance the bright synth. Even the bell-like vocals with sharp attacks and plenty of space to ring freely weave into the story.

But what happens with the “senseless noise” coming from the phone? “I think it’s obvious I’m thinking of you,” they declare. But there’s a lack of charm, a tiredness of playing some romantic game that leaves Evinair holding the phone with idle hands.

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