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Social anxiety ain't something to scoff at. It's something so prevalent with people, whether you're young or older. Nothing's worse than feeling like you're singled out and surrounded in a room brimming with other people. That's horrible, but it's completely normal to be that way.

"New Tanuki Suit" is Enemy Airship's latest release which is also set to be a part of an upcoming album set to release this year. It's about dealing with panic attacks and anxiety in general, by just wanting to blend into the environment.

Okay, for some context: tanukis are Japanese raccoon dogs that are said to be masters of illusion, though most of the time they use this talent to prank people. You don't have to worry though, because it's said that they're not really capable of making nefarious plots.

This is the reason why the song is named as it isβ€”because it uses these mythological concepts as a medium in getting its point across. Of course, it works in its favor, with the lyrics being full of magical poetic wonder that gives you an image of this world that Enemy Airship have created.

The instrumental itself creates this whimsical soundscape, with it being light and not overbearing at all. It feels like it has weight, yet treads so close to it that it doesn't feel like it's an overwhelming experience to have.

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It may not be possible in real life to possess magical powers of shapeshifting and illusion to hide away from your anxiety, but this song truly makes you feel like you can.

Stream "New Tanuki Suit" below.

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