During difficult times, it can be easy to lose sight of what’s important, but End of Proof’s latest single will get you back on track. “Don’t Get Lost”, released the 21st of August, is the second single leading up to the outfit’s debut album, To Madness.

End of Proof is the indie rock project of solo musician and producer Jon H. Nilsson, an ex-IT worker hailing from Oslo, Norway. On “Don’t Get Lost”, the singer-songwriter crafts a heartfelt plea to listeners and loved ones to not lose focus on what life has to offer. The song plays out like a musical motivational speech.

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Passionate melodies and Nilsson’s powerful vocals give off a jubilant and reinvigorating energy. The mix of sharp vocals, bright guitars and colorful arpeggiated synths give off an electronica vibe similar to The Postal Service while still remaining unique and emotional overall.

Catchy melodies and some clever drum work (courtesy of Tyge Møller, who also has a mixing credit) make the track all the more engaging. In short, End of Proof has succeeded in crafting a dynamic and reflective indie ode to clarity that’s, ironically, very easy to get lost in.

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Stream “Don’t Get Lost” below and be sure to follow Jon.


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