Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Seattle trio Eggshells tap into lucid angst and sultry punch that swims in the ethereal with their latest album’s closing track, “Tunnel Vision”. Unshattered experimentation congealed by pulsating rhythmic textures mold this strong and delicate piece that masters the art of contrast and timing to carry its emotive arc.

Through the peaks and troughs of this spooky tune, listeners may find themselves vibing out to Eggshells on a smoke-ridden cloudy day—much like the ones seen throughout the year in the Pacific Northwest. Although a depth of darkness is felt within this track, the vocalist’s gentle but tenebrous vocals shine a floating respite within the swells of  guitar-tinged effects and subby drumlines.

There’s an intersection of worlds and sounds within the outfit’s repertoire. The band’s most recent album, Hopeless Romancers, delves into the afflictions of online dating as experienced by vocalist Sera Han, a queer first-generation Korean-American. In a statement they revealed that the project is a “thematic exploration” of the above subject’s “highs, lows, and endless tribulations.”

Alongside Han reverberates bandmates and brothers Peter and Benjamin Verdoes. Together the ensemble mold garage rock, shoegaze, pop that hint at artists like Warpaint and The XX while honing in on sublime electronic effects in their mixes.

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Stream “Tunnel Vision” below.

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