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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Face it, the world is truly just a selfish place. Sometimes, when we get ahold of something, we do everything in our power to make it stay. May it be an object, and even a person, to be quite honest.

You may not admit it, but it really is just how the world works, and you have probably done it a few, or at least a couple of times. But hey, no matter how tight your grip on it, somehow it'll still find its way out of your grasp.

Los Angeles indie act Double Wish hoped to change your thoughts about that subject matter with their latest song "Spirit Away". Instead of wanting to have a firm grip on something, this song tells you that it's okay to let it go.

With its far-out nature, the track conveys its meaning to you in quite an unconventional way. Here, music really is key. And that's also thanks to the artist's collaboration with Hayden Coplen, who helped create "Spirit Away", along with the recording and production by John Velasquez. Everything just comes together with this one, and it really shows how talented the people who worked on it are.

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So next time, when you're thinking about being controlling or possessive over something out of fear of losing it, just admit to yourself that you probably will someday, somehow. But hey, this song by Double Wish is at least gonna help alleviate that sense of loss.

Stream "Spirit Away" below.

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