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The artificial churn of marketing, consumerism, and instant gratification leaves a gulf between people. The haves and the have-nots, the Joneses we're always keeping up with, and whether our post can break the internetβ€”there's a fear that what we have is not enough.

Ali Thibodeau, frontwoman of Deau Eyes, wrote "When" as a plea to stop the cycles preventing us from finding common ground. As she says midway through, "let's see you move."

The march-like drums and insistent bass push us along to do something. Or perhaps, not do something. The harmony and melody keep building up to the end of the phrase and then lifting, a pregnant pause waiting for a change that doesn't come. Almost like it's asking us to stop consuming.

The sky in the music videos dances with consumerism in a kaleidoscopic, color-shifting double exposure. The lyrics appear in an old-school alarm clock font, another wake-up to the human-made systems that force us into these loops.

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"Will you own the space you take?" Ali asks. And in the next breath, she begs us, "Don't let it go to waste." We're here together. Act in that pause.

Watch "When" below.

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