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deafpony - tattoos

People get tattoos for many reasons—celebrating a moment, identifying themselves as part of a group, or just because they like the aesthetics. But people also get tattoos to process their trauma. In "tattoos", deafpony explore that side of self-expression.

While the introspective lyrics are heavy, they are ultimately life-affirming. Scott Clarke walks the line of pain and hope with his delivery of lyrics like, "Let's waste our precious time hoping for one more sunrise." Each line is imbued with a quiet power.

Part of that power derives from the vulnerable harmonic moments siblings Mikey and Steven Tree set up for him. As the instruments drop out or fade into the background, we're pulled deeper and deeper into the pain. As Clarke says, he must now "wear you on my sleeve"—referencing a sleeve tattoo.

But just as the darker side rises up, so too do the glittering synths and bounding guitar riffs. The uplifting moments are just as emotional but pivot away from despair. This is a constructive grieving process. And as the guitar leads us out, we're left with possibility.

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