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Dawn Chorus - Modern Being

With a static crackle and orchestral progression, Dawn Chorus open "Modern Being" with a look back at yesteryear. It's an immediate reminder that our modern life with all its technological wonders has completely altered everything, and not necessarily for the better. The degradation of life is beautifully summed up in the lyric, "doom scrolling, huddled around the glow of the tiny screen."

Even the opening line, delivered in a gritty punk timbre, reflects this disillusionment. "I don't know why I still try," they sing. With a psychedelic atmosphere that quickly gives way to a rock beat, Dawn Chorus shift emotions as quickly as they shift genres.

Unsurprisingly, the addictive lyrics were inspired by a shroom trip. They're catchy and blend reality with trippy metaphors. But they feel grounded thanks to the harmony built across a whole host of instruments. 

All three bandmates, William Fait, Christian Sudweeks, and Christopher Weed, are multi-instrumentalists. Their layering voices ease the sudden musical shifts, tying everything together all the way to the end, fading out without resolutionโ€”perfectly appropriate, like they're ghosting on the final cadence promised by the opening record sounds.

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Swipe right on this musical journey of swiping left on the detrimental impact technology has had on our relationships.

Stream "Modern Being" below. 

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