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Growing up as a young man in a small town doesn't offer many opportunities. And the few at your disposal often brand you "weird." But instead of taking us down a woe-is-me path, David M. Western releases the wistful "Child Mind", the opening and titular track to his upcoming album due for release on June 24.

From its opening chords, "Child Mind" is drenched in nostalgia. Even the first words feel like the start of a story, "Don't get me started." And while there's the drive to escape this situationβ€”"take me out of this life"β€”it's not defeated.

Even the choral entrances feel like a support David has now that he didn't have back then. In fact, it's the sudden understanding that drives the lamentation. "I'm losing my child mind," he confesses more to himself than to us.

As the disassembled memories get pieced back together, we're presented with a man who fears he's losing the sense of self he struggled through life to become. The final refrain, sung over a bare bed of harmony, his voice catches at the end. We're sharing his fear of loss.

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Stream "Child Mind" below.

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