Wednesday, September 27, 2023
DAAY - First Light

While curled up on a friend’s sofa, nursing a hangover, front man Alex Barty-King penned his second single for DAAY. Despite the fuzzy mind and depressing pandemic, “First Light” is refreshingly upbeat.

A statement of positivity for the planet’s and humanity’s future, the ambient, raw indie sound of DAAY creates a psychedelic vibe that evokes the hazy-headed feeling of watching the sun rise after a long night.

“As we lie here at first light, like a waterfall,” they mysteriously sing. Naturalistic and ethereal, the rejuvenation they imply stands as a metaphor for new beginnings and new life, which, as the second release in their song trilogy representing the journey “from womb into the world,” feels right—the dawning of a new day nestled between “Mama” and the soon to be released “Little Foot”.

So, relax and find the comfort and positivity woven through jazzy sax solos, shimmering cymbals, and Alex’s simple and slightly raspy vocals. It’ll lift your mood and illuminate your day. And maybe, just maybe, be the dawning of a new day for you too.

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Stream “First Light” below.

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