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Thursday, July 18, 2024
Cyrano - Afterburns

In a world of goldfish attention spans, releasing a 6-minute single is a brave choice. Releasing it with two different mixes is a brilliant one.

In both the original/extroverted and introverted mixes, Cyrano's latest single, "Afterburns", captures the thoughts unshared in a failed relationship in a meditative and pensive mood. As he claims, he wanted this piece to "personify my feelings."

And the energizing and calming seesaw encapsulates the feeling of parting with a lover. With short, decisive phrases battling the longer, more delicate lines, the tone continually shifts as we explore Cyrano's mind.

The syncopated, plucked notes reverberate gently over swirling synths. The atmospheric bedrock of the swelling harmonies bolsters the melodies. It is one part meditation and one part contemplation.

But both versions tell the same tale of thoughts. "If I told you all my fears, darling, would we still be here in the afterburns?" Regardless of the mix, it seems we would be. For "we know silence doesn't heal" and Cyrano needs to show us this. So take his personality test and discover the right mix for you. Or listen to them both, for sometimes we late-night overthinkers need both energies.

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Stream "Afterburns" below.

Original mix:

Introverted mix:

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