Coopertheband - 1952

“Can we skip the part where you’re not sure and just dive a little more?” The second track on Coopertheband’s Wilderness EP, “1952”, tells the timeless tale of a hesitant heart wanting to dive into love but afraid to move too fast. It could easily be 1952 or 2052, those trembling thoughts don’t change. It just sounds better now.

The expertly blended Motown references with their indie folk sound leave you with “waiting by the phone” vibes from each line. The sparkling synths and retro organ complement this delightfully out-of-time moment.

Every musical interlude carries the sultry doo-wop tones and soaring energy of the 1950s power ballads without compromising the raw emotional vocal melody.

The true test of this genre combo comes at 1:37 when the tone deepens and the organ pushes forward. There’s more confidence and an implicit promise of action. As Coopertheband lean heavier into their ‘50s inspiration, it never loses its indie heart.

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With the final chord sounding, the melody toying with the seventh, and the orchestration dropping away, the swelling hope and fear of the last 4 minutes gives way to the unsupported next moment—what will the hopeful lover’s answer be?

Stream “1952” and the rest of Wilderness EP below.

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