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Don't you people just love trippy, psychedelic music? There's just something about it that catches even the most reserved with their music taste off-guard. It could be those low basslines that vibrate your very soul, or the out-of-this-world vibe to the whole thing, or maybe even the echoey, nostalgic vocals. Whatever it is, there's something about that kind of music that anyone can love. The challenge, though, is we have to find them.

Well, fret no more, because your search is officially over. San Francisco-born indie duo Cones, formed by brothers Jonathan and Michael Rosen, bring you a song that will get you closer to the state of nirvana with "Malice Palace".

It's got everything you'd ever want in a psych-pop song: the basslines, riffs, and trippy yet nostalgic vocals that make you feel like you're going on a far-out trip. And yes, this song will take you some place else.

Every aspect of the song just melds and syncs together perfectly, leaving no space empty inside your mind when you listen to it. Nothing feels forced or separate about it at all, like an abstract painting whose colors fill the canvas but is in no way nonsensical. Simply put: it's a masterfully made song that blurs the line between the concept of music and utter art.

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Stream "Malice Palace" below.

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