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Colour Tongues - Wasted

Virtually everyone has a story of surviving a powerful, but toxic relationship. Colour Tongues crafted the first track of their upcoming debut LP, Midnight Island, to explore that with a sense of hope, warmth, and belonging.

James Challis (vocals and guitar), Dan Lavergne (bass), Graeme Meekison (guitar), and David Taylor (drums) build a sparkling, atmospheric indietronica dreamscape with bright, bouncy guitars and tranquil vocals. Addressed to their own remembered toxic relationships, they explore the moment they realize they are "wasted on you."

Moving from "boundless and broken" to a "seed starts to grow," Colour Tongues soar through a lively aural journey filled with fun moments of ear candy. Listen carefully to find where James wrapped "a frayed patch cable around an old telephone, face[d] north, and [bit] a pretzel into a microphone," a remark literally cracked by Vancouver-based producer Matt di Pomponio.

A happy, unified, and eclectic collection of sounds emerges from this eclectic band. If truth comes "out of the mouth of babes," it also comes from this ensemble of a nurse, a carpenter, an actor, and a dog walker. Reclaim your agency with Colour Tongues and reaffirm your worth with "Wasted".

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Stream "Wasted" below.

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