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Colatura - The Met

Walking down the storied galleries of The Met by yourself, it's easy to wish for someone to walk beside you and experience that awe with you. Colatura captured that double-edged aesthetic in their second single from their upcoming debut LP.

"The Met" is an introspective rocker, with drums dragging you from exhibit to exhibit, reflecting on how the romantic expectations society promises are completely unrealistic. With the occasional detuned chord sustained under bitter truths, like "somehow I always end up here again," the blurred beauty of their saturated vocals swells with the swirling harmony.

"Sometimes crowded spaces feel lonely," they say, and it's true. The vocal panning and echoing guitars fill the space like acoustical reflections bouncing off a hollow space. Yet the full sound engulfs you. The duality of being alone among people bubbles out of every note from Jennica (bass and vocals), Digo (guitar and vocals), and Meredith (guitar, synth, and vocals).

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The trio eventually lead us to a quiet bridge, pulled by a simple guitar riff and driving drums. The "oohs" transition us back out of our own heads and into the conclusionβ€”a quick build to a final wavering tone fading out just like leaving the hum of the crowd.

Stream "The Met" below.

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