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“This life’s a Jackson Pollock—abstract and so chaotic,” CoCo Zandi opens their latest single, “Aloha”. The laid-back introspection swing gently walks through the complexities of our inner lives with a mysterious smirk. At times, it knows us better than we know ourselves.

Hidden among the straightforward lyrics, Alexander Beggins sneaks helpful advice, like a friend’s honest support. “You can’t please all the people/ Self-doubt is truly evil.” But it goes beyond empty platitudes, deep to our inner desires. “I want a world that’s kind and peaceful, or to be alone.”

At the heart of this song are the contradictions in life. Life is “big, beautiful, scary, funny, weird, dark, lonely, loving, forgivable, and unforgettable,” they say about “Aloha”. The song leaves the takeaway up to the listener, presenting a view of life open to interpretation.

With a relaxed vocal melody, steel drum accents, and ‘60s-styled backup vocals, “Aloha” sits out of time, offering you all the space needed to contemplate.

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“Aloha” is part of CoCo Zandi’s debut album, As Simple as a Dream. So lay back, stare at the clouds, and get away for a moment to think about life.

Stream “Aloha” below.

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