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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

For a band whose main sound is a constant experimentation on genre and style, Cloud Chamber Experiments sure is a fitting title. Forming just two years ago, the psych-pop outfit from Derry, Ireland, are already settling into their unique niche in indie pop.

Their debut album titled Another Broken Day was released last June and packs a series of genre-bending musical punches. The opening track, "Flying Saucers", sees Cloud Chamber Experiments' innovation at its best, combining themes of psychedelia, electronic music, and spoken word. Sweet melodies played on a reedy synth lead give off a sense of floating and liberation while an atmospheric rhythm section keeps the listener down on Earth.

The voice of lead singer Steve Doherty buzzes along in long, hazy drawls, moaning lyrics of introspection and mindfulness. It's easy to get lost in. Sonically reminiscent of The Olivia Tremor Control and Magical Mystery Tour-era Beatles, the track is equal parts catchy and dizzying.

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It's especially disorienting near the end as it floats along in an atmosphere of repeating spoken word vocal phrases and impressive guitar licks. In short, "Flying Saucers" is a dazzling introduction to Cloud Chamber Experiments' sprawling sound.

Watch the official music video for "Flying Saucers" below.

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