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Not a lot of songs can pull off the deep, mysterious vibe that Clea Anaïs's new song "Under the Blue of the Moon" does. Allegorically about youth and its freedom amidst the end of the world, the track is part of her debut solo record, Circle Zero, marking a new chapter in Anaïs's musical journey.

The instruments within the song are ethereal, creating an atmosphere fit for the path that it's treading on. Harmonic, but dissonant at times with the introduction of new elements as the song goes on. This works extremely well though, keeping the listener on their toes with what could come next.

Symbolisms regarding the moon are vast, with a definite answer simply being buried by obscurity. In "Under the Blue of the Moon", though, it is a sign of youthful freedom. With the dusk signaling the end of parental supervision, we are able to roam, to be free from the shackles of human conventions.

The vocals are just amazing, especially during the line: "there is love in honor and honor in love," where a bass harmonizes with the artist's voice, accentuating the lyrics even more. In its final minute, the instrumentals and singing both climb to their peak, before being sent off with a surprising, yet delightful snippet of orchestral music.

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If you're looking for something deep and different for a change, then Clea Anaïs' brand new single will definitely be the one for you.

Stream "Under the Blue of the Moon" below.

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