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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Have you ever felt like the world is moving forward so fast that it's leaving you behind gasping for air? Even as you try your best to catch up, you are nowhere near what or who you aspire to become? As to the point where even when you are the best that you can be in that moment, you feel that you are still lacking, that you are not good enough.

This is a reminder that sometimes you just have to take a breather so you won't get burnt out. Have a little break, this way you may get to look at the bigger picture and finally understand what it is you need to do.

Ciao Lucifer's new single, "So Good It Hurts", will make you just want to dance it out even at times when you struggle to believe in yourself. Maybe you might just realize your self-worth while vibing out to this jam from the Dutch duo.

While the lyrics might make you feel moved and lost in thought, it is accompanied by the gleeful tune of the music which balances it all out.  The vocals and instrumentals of the song just blend together to create a bouncy feel that just leaves you bopping. Being absent-minded while dancing, what gets better than that?

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"So Good It Hurts" feels like the joy of a fleeting moment that makes you beg for more. This track helps you widen your perspective while taking a step back from the worries of the world. So help yourself and don't miss out on this new bop.

Stream "So Good It Hurts" below.

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