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Picture the scene: a faux fashionista obviously spending money she doesn’t have on an expensive handbag. Whether it’s a D-list celebrity or average joe California Dreaming their budget to oblivion, watching someone spend outside their limits (or siphon someone else’s cash) creates a train wreck-situation you can’t look away from.

That’s exactly what inspired Chris Buxton to create “Birkin”—an “influential person” angrily demanding her boyfriend to spend his last paycheck on a Birkin. From there, he spun out an up-tempo narrative on this shorty’s desire to be fake.

“Money woos her,” he stretches across several beats. She’s a classless wannabe socialite without the society, stuck with the insecurities of capitalism. As the aggressive drums pump up the languid lyrics, she becomes a synecdoche for anyone who “loves being seen” more than anything else.

The high-energy fills and driving guitar set the stage with a Malibu Summer vibe. The dreamy, open musical sequences invite us into this party setting. We’re watching her be seen, and we’re loving every minute of it.

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Stream “Birkin” below.

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