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The debut offering from North American dream pop duo Choux evokes the classics of the genre. Drawing influences from shoegaze legends like My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive, "Super Moon" is the title track from Choux's forthcoming album, which is set to be released November 20.

The band consists of multi-instrumentalists Lizzie Carolan and Jordan Gatesmith, who still manage to record music together despite being 2,000 kilometers apart (Carolan is based in Montreal while Gatesmith resides in Minneapolis).

Having previously worked together as members of the successful band Total Babe, Carolan and Gatesmith temporarily went their separate ways to work on other endeavors before reuniting to form Choux.

"Super Moon" is the group's first single and its layered array of dense soundscapes and warm instrumentation give off a shining first impression of the pair. Driving melodies are buried beneath layers of distorted effects, characteristic of the dream pop genre, evoking a calming sense of nostalgia.

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The accompanying music video features a kaleidoscopic display of fuzzy VCR footage, reinforcing the single's hazy, nostalgic vibe. Choux's "Super Moon" is certainly a welcome addition to any shoegaze playlist, sure to stand alongside even the seminal classics.

Watch the official music video below.

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