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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Being stuck in a rut is one of the worst states that any individual goes through. A feeling of wandering endlessly but never reaching your destination. A feeling that Luke MacDonald, known by his artist name chasing luma, captures with his second and latest single, titled "motions".

Having been created from an unfortunate bout with artist's block, the track follows one's emotions when facing a problem where their creativity and progress are threatened. It shows the struggle, the drive that you feel in that situation and the determination to make a comeback, no matter what.

Opening with the punchy beats that can be heard prevalently throughout, the song wastes no time to showcase MacDonald's masterful instrumentals and vocals that can be described best with the feeling of warmth. The lyrics are simply perfect and aren't too complicated, getting the point across to the listener smoothly and clearly. Some anecdotes can even be interpreted as chasing luma himself telling us to keep believing in him and in what he does.

Every line was written and sung in a way that makes the listener sympathize with what the artist was going through when he was making the song, especially when he sings the lyrics "I'll come back" during the chorus. The way it's delivered just screams how trapped MacDonald felt with all the roadblocks in the way and how eager he was to break through. This struggle paid off in the end though, leaving a long-lasting sense of depth and emotion to the song that no one but him can pull off.

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That type of situation may be frustrating for anyone, but "motions" is here to tell you not to give in. Get up and come back.

Stream "motions" by chasing luma below.

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