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Writing, recording, and mixing music during a pandemic presented a unique challenge every band had to address. CAT UNA's solution: set up a DIY living room studio. And what emerged is a stripped-back, honest look at lockdown love. "Temporary Blues", the first song from her makeshift studio, proves the importance of staying flexible and trusting the process over the familiar tools.

CAT UNA's distinctive vocals shine with vulnerability. The bare harmony isolates each note. Co-writer Mac VolpΓ© leans into with staccato chords, distancing each step in every lick. The dry drums of Jack Clayton further separate the lines, but the occasional ringing cymbal offers a hint of a promise.

The little moments of hope pop into the song unexpectedly. It's not until several bars of guitar plucking that its brightness strikes you. It's in stark contrast to the dark vocals, delivered with a controlled vibrato almost like a shudder.

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As CAT UNA builds to the end, the simple guitar plays the final thoughts out. With a major chord fading into silence, that hope lingers.

Stream "Temporary Blues" below.

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