Cat Ryan - Rex Mundi

Sitting in her family’s remote farm in rural Ireland, Cat Ryan saw her aunt and uncle’s new greyhound, Rex Mundi. The dog’s speed stuck in her mind and attached itself to a bassline she’d written earlier. The fast-paced, upbeat track“Rex Mundi” came to life.

The track starts with running—the greyhound runs from the world while still feeling like the king of the world (in Latin, rex mundi). But by the time the second verse swings into gear, the greyhound takes a break and asks itself, “why did I keep running when the problem ain’t me?” The vibe shifts under this line.

The strong, clear character of Rex Mundi begins to stand their ground against the problems of the world. The harmony continues with energetic percussion and a lively, bouncing guitar line, but the vocals carry the extra weight of resoluteness. When the chorus reenters, the line “I’m king of the world; I’m rex mundi,” strikes an assertive tone. It’s a title bestowed by themselves, not some external factor.

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“Rex Mundi” is a fun and interesting evolution of Cat Ryan’s style. Check out more of their work on their upcoming EP, dropping in autumn this year. Or don’t wait that long and jump into “Rex Mundi”.

Stream “Rex Mundi” below.

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